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Comfort Measures in Labor

Whether you are planning a natural or medicated birth - staying home and laboring comfortably and without fear and worry is very possible and a great way to begin the journey of welcoming this little one into your family.

This is why I teach Comfort Measures in Labor at the Birth Education Center.  It is important to me that you build confidence, understand your choices, have the opportunity to release fear and anxiety before your labor begins.  No matter where you plan on birthing, Comfort Measures in Labor will give you the tools to give you and your baby the
birth experience you deserve.


Labor Progression

In Comfort Measures for Labor, we discuss the natural progression of labor, and what to expect no matter if this is your first, second, third, or beyond birth. 

At the end of class, you'll have confidence in knowing which measures work best at each stage of labor. 



At the Birth Education Center, we believe that your environment plays a large role in your comfort during labor.  In class, we will show you how to set up your birthing space, which will reduce fear and anxiety, and increase the hormones most effective for laboring. 


Labor Rehearsal

Each class ends with hands-on practice of positions that you may want to use while in labor.  You and your birth partner will get practice using an exercise ball, counter pressure, visualization, touch, breath, and other relaxation techniques.

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