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Comprehensive Class

Our most popular class with the most information! Learn everything you need to know about birth, baby, and breastfeeding. Perfect for all birthing locations no matter what type of birth you’re planning to have. 

Our Comprehensive Class prepares you on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally to navigate your birth experience as it unfolds. You and your partner will complete this class feeling excited, confident, and ready for your birth and baby!

**This class also includes the Birth Boot Camp Breastfeeding Class taught by Mellanie Shepherd, IBCLC.

What to expect:

Class 1

This class will discuss why you might choose natural birth. You'll leave this class feeling excited and confident to give birth!

Class 2

Learn how physical, mental and emotional preparation can influence your pregnancy and birth.

Class 3

This class will give you the tools to build your best birth team.

Class 4

You'll learn the pros and cons of standard tests and procedures, as well as how they can impact your labor.

Class 5

This is where you will learn the how the actual process of labor works- knowledge is power!

Class 6

Learn tools for you and your partner so that you may enjoy labor together!

Class 7

By learning how mom and baby work together in the process of pushing, you will walk away looking forward to birth! This class will help you replace fear with joy.

Class 8

Understanding interventions and how to avoid or accept them depending on your circumstances.

Class 9

Birth plans work when they are created with knowledge and flexibility. Put your knowledge into action in this class.

Class 10

Learn how to make parenthood a joyful transition


The Comprehensive Class comes with everything you need to know for successful breastfeeding.

Ready to jump in?

If the Comprehensive Class sounds right for you, you can email me at or schedule a consultation here to sign up. This class can be taken online via zoom or in the comfort of your own home. For private classes in your home, I require at least one phone or zoom call with you prior to the first class. 

The cost of this class is $690 for non-doula clients. For families that have hired me as their doula the cost of the class is $650.

Do you want to take the class but can't commit to 10 live sessions?

The Comprehensive Class is also offered as an online, self-paced course. Sign up here.

The cost of the online option is $297.

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