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Hospital Class

 Birthing in the hospital? This class is for you! Our hospital class is designed for the couple who wants more than your average class. We cover topics that are specific to this birthplace such as induction, policies that impact your birth, and epidurals. You’ll have more education, more fun, more relaxation, and labor practice. This class gives you the ability to make informed decisions as your birth unfolds and have an amazing experience.  

What to expect:

Class 1

Informed consent is key to an empowering birth. Learn what it is and how to achieve it.

Class 2

This class shows you common interventions including pain management, as well as how to tap into your body's wisdom and power.

Class 3

Birth is a physical and emotional jouney. This class will give you the tools to navigate your amazing birth.

Class 4

Class 4 is all about pushing. We will work through how to push in different positions, and teach partners how they can help during this stage.

Class 5

Learn ways to avoid a cesarean, but be at peace if you need one. This class will guide you towards your power while making decsions.

Class 6

Learn communication tools and knowledge to ask informed questions as you plan your birth and postpartum.

Ready to jump in?

If the Hospital class sounds right for you, you can email me at or schedule a consultation here to sign up. This class can be taken online via zoom or in the comfort of your own home. For private classes in your home, I require at least one phone or zoom call with you prior to the first class. 

The cost of this class is $350 for non-doula clients. For families that have hired me as their doula the cost of the class is $300.

Do you want to take the class but can't commit to 6 live sessions?

The Home and Birth Center class is also offered as an online, self-paced course. Sign up here.

The cost of the online option is $247.

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