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2023 Availability

Thank you for checking out my services! At this time, I am booking for births starting in May 2024.


May 2024 - 1 birth opening

June 2024 - 2 birth openings 

July 2024- booked

August 2024- 1 birth opening
September 2024- 2 birth opening

October 2024 - 2 birth openings

November 2024 - 2 birth openings

December 2024 - 2 birth openings

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Perhaps this is your first pregnancy and you have lots of questions about what is normal, or what to expect throughout your pregnancy and the birth process. 
Or maybe this isn’t your first pregnancy, and you already know the value of having a doula by your side and are looking for your perfect match.
You might also have realized after your first few meetings with your care provider that it would be amazing to have someone you could text or call with those one-off questions that come up in between your appointments (and get a same-day response!).
I am so glad you are here.  The decision to hire a doula to walk with you during your birth journey may or may not come easily to you, and it is one worth careful consideration.  No matter where you are birthing, or what coping techniques you do or do not plan to use during labor, doulas are an invaluable resource before, during, and after the birth of your baby.


Many parents, no matter how many times they have given birth, feel overwhelmed and long for a trusted companion to reach out to whenever they need it. 

There are a lot of decisions to navigate and make throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.   As a doula, I would love for you to spend your time connecting and bonding with your baby rather than spending hours upon hours on the internet looking for answers to your questions.

It's ok to not know where to start! I can help you narrow down everything you need or want to know about pregnancy and birth choices with compassionate, evidence-based guidance.  Making sure you have trusted, non-biased information is incredibly important to me, and I will always work to make sure you feel empowered to make choices that are right for you and your baby.


As a doula, I am a non-medical birth companion with a passion for helping parents achieve empowering, positive birth experiences.  We will meet several times before you go into labor to get to know each other, I will learn what is important to you regarding your baby's birth, we will write out your birth intentions and work to identify and release any fears surrounding your birth. These meetings typically last an hour or more, which gives you plenty of time to ask whatever questions are on your mind.  This time together also allows us to become closer and increasingly comfortable with each other, which is vital to feeling safe when you are in labor.  

In addition, as a doula, I make sure that you feel heard and validated when talking to care providers, especially while you are in labor.  You will learn important questions to ask so that you understand any interventions that come up during your baby’s birth.  I work for you, not your provider, so you will be provided with non-biased, evidence-based information – which means you will learn about both the benefits and risks of the intervention or procedure.  

I personally believe that advocacy is an important aspect of my role and will not hesitate to speak up on your behalf if the need arises.


On-call time frame

From the time the contract is signed, and the deposit is paid, I consider myself on call for you.  For non-emergent questions or conversations, you are free to text me during normal business hours, and am available around the clock for early labor phone support or emergency situations.

Prenatal Meetings

I offer at least 2 prenatal meetings before you go into labor.  If hired earlier in your pregnancy, I will provide one prenatal appointment per month up to four appointments at no extra charge.  

Labor Support

During early labor, I am available via phone call or text for questions or support.  I typically join clients as they move into active labor, however, I will arrive once you feel you need that support.  I stay with you until after your baby is born and you have had a chance to feed your baby.  

Postpartum support

I will provide one postpartum visit in your home after the baby arrives.   As a lactation educator, I can help with breastfeeding as well as provide support and guidance on all things newborn and postpartum parent life. 


I want to hire a doula, but my partner is concerned about what that means for their role in the birth.

Doulas are part of the birth team. My goal is to keep you and your partner as connected to each other, and to your baby, as possible throughout your pregnancy and birth.  I do not replace your partner’s role.  Rather, I enhance it!  During our prenatal meetings, I spend time teaching partners ways that they can comfort you and support you in both pregnancy and birth.  During the birth, I only step in if the partner or laboring person requests me to or if I feel that it will make either person more comfortable.  I guide partners and remind them of all the tools they have learned and suggest changes if needed.  

During that time, I am helping to keep you both hydrated, fed, and rested if necessary.  In the event of a longer labor time, I stay with you if your partner needs a nap or other break to refresh and re-energize. 

My goal is to always read the energy in the room and allow the birth flow to happen as undisturbed as possible.  Your partner knows you best and will be able to comfort you better than anyone.  I recognize that and honor that.  This is your journey, and I guarantee no one will feel left out. 

I am birthing with a midwife.  Don’t they do the same things as a doula?

The answer here is yes… and no.  Midwives are amazing human beings that care deeply about their clients.  The difference is that since midwives are medically trained, they have responsibilities that doulas don’t have, like physical examinations and charting.  Since I won’t have to spend time on those important aspects, I can continue to provide seamless, continuous physical, and emotional support.  In most instances, I arrive before the midwives and start supporting you earlier in your labor.

I find that in births with midwives, at some point they will be exactly whom you need comforting you, and at other points, it will be me.  Midwives and doulas work so well together since we are all working towards the same goal.  In addition, if you are birthing with a midwife in a hospital setting, they will likely not be in the room much more than an obstetrician would be.  In that case, I will be spending much more time with you.  I do not leave you except for quick breaks. 


What happens if you miss my birth?

We will cover this in more detail during our consultation, but I always backup plans in place.  If you go into labor and I am unable to attend your birth, I will send a trusted, reliable back up so that you will have the support you expected. 

In the case of a precipitous birth in which the baby is born quickly and I don’t have time to arrive for the birth, we will decide and agree upon extra postpartum visits to support you throughout infant feeding and sleeping.


I am so happy you are considering having a doula for your birth.  Doulas are proven to improve outcomes for both parent and baby in the birth space.  Birth is so much more than a 'healthy parent, healthy baby.'  How you are made to feel during and after your baby's birth is just as important, and I would be so honored to walk this journey with you. 

I believe in advocacy in the birth space, which means that I will not be afraid to speak up for you and your wishes if necessary.  It is extremely important that you feel empowered, heard, and cared for during the birth of your baby. Birth matters deeply.  Click here or call/text 619-729-6601 to schedule your consultation to see if we are a fit for each other! 


My fee for Doula services is $1800, which includes my Birth Plan Guidance service.


You may add on a private, 3-hour lactation class for $45 (This class is $55 when purchased without doula services). 

Please note that at this time I am not covered by TriCare or Medi-Cal.

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