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My name is Heather Taylor. I am a  birth doula in San Diego, as well as a Certified Lactation Educator and Birth Boot Camp Certified Instructor. 
I am a very proud mother of two amazing little boys. The birth of my second son led me down this path of birth support, though not in the way you might expect. Although our experience together was beautiful, the twists and turns he took us through showed me that emotional and physical support is key to better outcomes for both the birthing person and the baby.  

His birth opened my eyes to a career that I couldn't be more passionate about and showed me that these babies are wise little souls with more to teach us than we think. This work is about continuous learning, growing, and changing, all of which are things that challenge me to be the best I can be for each and every family I work with. 

I would love to chat with you more, so please feel free to send me a message so we can talk!

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