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Home and Birth Center Class

The Home & Birth Center class is perfect for those planning an out-of-hospital birth. This class dives right in starting with stages of labor and giving you tools for your natural birth. We discuss natural ways of handling pain, the importance of relaxation as the key to an unmedicated birth, and how your partner can make a difference in your birth experience. We also discuss transfer, epidurals, and cesarean sections in the event that medical assistance becomes necessary. This class will build knowledge and confidence for you and your partner to have an amazing home or birth center birth!

What to expect:

Class 1

Learn about pregnancy anatomy, stages of labor and the importance of relaxations.

Class 2

This class shows you what to expect when labor starts, and teaches partners our top ten tools for support.

Class 3

Covering pushing and the birth of the placenta, class three walks you through a calm, physiological end of labor.

Class 4

Sometimes transfers, medications, and even cesarean births become necessary. Learn how to handle these variations if they come up.

Class 5

Recap everything you have learned and check your knowledge of labor and its variations. Start writing your birth plan and prepare to welcome your baby!

Ready to jump in?

If the Home and Birth Center class sounds right for you, you can email me at or schedule a consultation here to sign up. This class can be taken online via zoom or in the comfort of your own home. For private classes in your home, I require at least one phone or zoom call with you prior to the first class. 

The cost of this class is $375 for non-doula clients. For families that have hired me as their doula the cost of the class is $325.

Do you want to take the class but can't commit to 5 live sessions?

The Home and Birth Center class is also offered as an online, self-paced course. Sign up here.

The cost of the online option is $247.

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